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Your dance school has partnered with Dance Teacher Web to provide you this in-home practice resource! is an addition to your studio training that you can do at home at any time. This website does not replace your studio training, but will be a great alternative while your studio may be temporarily closed. This is intended to enhance your dance education experience and be a quick go-to, if you can't get to the studio. Remember, not all schools or teachers use the same teaching methods and terminology. So, always check with your teachers if you have questions.


Gus Giordano

Dance School

These are livestream classes on Facebook hosted by the Gus Giordano Dance School



Special hip hop class from Wildabeast Adams. Free for Academy of the Arts Students! 


Tips on Ballet Technique

Professional Dance Experience Ltd. Offers Tips on Ballet Technique

Welcome to my Tips On Ballet Technique Youtube channel.


Whether you are a ballet beginner, a ballet student with many years of training, or an experienced ballet teacher, on this channel you will find lots of tips and insights to help you improve your ballet technique. 

Ballet Dancers


Classes by AOTA Teachers Only

This is where we will post classes for students of the Academy so they can practice for their upcoming recital and/or steps that they are working on in class.



Acro Dance Teachers Association-Stretch and Strength Routine

Student At Home Stretch and Strength Routine from the Acro Dance Teachers Association