Dance/Acrobatic Classes Offered

For the youngest dancer--up to age 6
​​Dance with Me!  ​

This class is ideal for the youngest dancers ages 18 months through 3 years that are just wanting to try out a dance class. Parents attend class with their young dancer to learn introductory fundamentals of ballet! 


2-3 Preschool Combo Dance

Ages 2-3. This class is designed for the very young beginner who has had no previous training. We will learn basic fundamentals of tap, jazz, ballet, and tumbling. This exposes the young child to the world of dance in a very relaxed and fun way.

3-4 Combo, 3-6 Combo, 5-6 Combo           ​​​​​​​​​​                        

Ages 3-6.  Basic tap and ballet steps are taught. We offer 7 different levels for these young combination classes. First year dancers should enroll in level 1 courses based on age, while those who have had previous training should set up an evaluation to determine which class is appropriate.


For the growing dancer--age 7 and up


Academy of the Arts offers a solid structured ballet program based on the Cecchetti Method of training. There are seven levels offered at this time-based on teacher evaluation. Seven through ten year old dancers who are just starting out should take level 1. Any dancer who has previously taken or is older than 11 ballet should schedule a placement evaluation so that we can recommend the appropriate level.

Our tap program offers instruction in tap technique both at the barre and center. There are 6 levels offered. Those who have not taken a tap class previously should enroll as follows: ages 7-9 should take level 1, ages 10-12 should take level 2, and age 13 and up should take teen/adult tap or level 3. Any dancer who has previously taken tap should schedule a placement evaluation so that we can recommend the appropriate level.



The introductory levels for those ages 7-9 will introduce basic turns, kicks and leaps. Ages 10-12 dancers and younger dancers with teacher recommendation will progress into additional combinations and more intricate footwork. Those who are ages 13 and up who have not danced previously should take teen/adult jazz or level 3. Any dancer who has previously taken jazz should schedule a placement evaluation so that we can recommend the appropriate level. We currently offer 4 levels of recreational jazz. Our competitve program is separate and auditions are required for these levels.


The Academy has a strong modern/contemporary program. Our students are blessed to have the former director of Kacico Modern Dance Company as the director of these classes. Dancers who wish to enroll in modern should have at least one previous year of ballet. Teacher recommendation is required to enroll beyond level one. We currently offer 4 levels of modern/contemporary.


Hip Hop

Our hip hop program currently is offered as both a recreational combination class with jazz/pom as well as a more structured program of straight hip hop. This style of dance is very popular and is growing! A year of jazz is recommended before enrolling in straight hip hop, but not required. We currently offer 6 levels of hip hop.


Academy offers acrobatics for ages 3 and up. We offer a Tumbling for Tots class for those ages 3-5 while ages 5 and up can enroll in our regular program. We currently offer 7 levels of acrobatics.​