Dress Code

For all dance classes, female students should wear a leotard and tights unless specified below. Any color/style is fine. Boys should wear a fitted shirt and either sweatpants or shorts. Ballet levels 4 and up are required to wear black leos with pink tights and hair in a bun. They may also wear a black or pink ballet skirt.
Hip Hop is exempt from this requirement, but should wear clothes that the student can dance in--please not too baggy, as the teacher needs to see body placement. 
Tumbling students do not need to wear tights, however, if they do, they should be footless. Tumblers should wear a leotard.
Shoe Requirements:
Combination Tap/Ballet Classes--black tap, pink ballet
Ballet Classes--pink ballet shoes for girls, white or black for boys-level 4 and up should be split sole canvas
Hip Hop--black athletic shoes (these should ONLY be worn for class), no tights
Tap Classes--tan u-shell or character for Tap 1-2, black oxford for higher levels
Jazz Classes--tan jazz shoes (lace up or boot or pedinis are all fine)
Acrobatic/Tumbling--bare feet
Modern/Contemporary--foot undies or bare feet, no tights required
Jazz/Pom/Hip Hop Mix--tan jazz shoes (lace up or boot or pedinis are all fine)
Pointe--see your instructor for her recommendation
PLEASE DO NOT WEAR JEWELRY TO CLASS (post earrings or wedding rings are fine, but necklaces that are long or earrings that dangle are not appropriate for safety reasons)
A note about underwear----Tights ARE your underwear. Dancers should not wear underwear under their tights.